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Each organization requires a customized approach…


We use a simple, clear and felxible process customized to your needs to lead your team through essential conversations in order to produce an impactful strategic plan.



Moving from a paper plan to an action plan is the true work of strategic planning. a2z strategic consulting works with you in the first year to monitor, evaluate and adjust the plan with your teams.




Strategic Plan innovation is unique to a2z strategic consulting. Our diverse team of experts will help you take your plan from a to z-ippididoodah!


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from a2z and are trained and provided with a bank of tools to choose from in order to guide your organization

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“An amazing process with so much support! a2z strategic consulting does what they say they will do, taking us from a right to z, no task was too small.” Ms. Josée Pepin, Head of School


“I cannot tell you how much of a positive, action-oriented catalyst you have been to the innovative GVC process at our Board. You have been invaluable to us in that area. You’ve also had a huge impact, on our senior manager’s professional growth—more than a couple of people have remarked at the obvious evidence of that growth.  Thank you!”

Mr. Joe MacNeil, Deputy Director General (retired)

Client Projects

North Star Academy

A niche private school, unique in its region. a2z worked with North Star Academy to develop a competitive strategic plan with the objective of increasing enrolment. Strategic plan development, including staff development, program branding and establishing baseline data were key activities in its first phase of strategic plan development. Activities include: Gap analysis, operational plans, professional development and resource development with staff. Implementation support is on-going with coaching of school CEO to facilitate the change process with her team, and on-site support in the first year of implementation, moving towards innovation support with grant matching to creatively complete the Strategic Plan with new initiatives and partnership match-making.


Cree School Board

Consulted on the northern Native Community Cree School Board’s strategic plan development and supported the operationalization of the plan in the Educational Services Department. a2z was the lead firm on the design thinking and innovation, customized development and delivery of the Cree School Board Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC). Resulting in successful implementation of programs from grades 1-6 in the following subject areas: Northern Cree, Southern Cree, French, English Language Arts, and Mathematics–including the training sessions whereby all teachers at the elementary level received professional development on the use of the strategic vision and related resources. In a second mandate a2z developed the structures to launch the innovation of high school resources with the local subject teams.


The Cosmodome Laval is a unique non-profit space center in the province of Quebec. It is in the midst of implementing a new strategic plan. Review of the strategic plan identified areas for innovation through project development and grant funding from the federal government. The current project being developed targets a new target audience for the center through engagement of seniors with youth: Stories from our past as stepping-stones to our future. Deliverables include tools and templates to guide staff on how to elaborate on a strategic plan, how to collect data and report results to the board.