Our Team

Our team

a2z strategic consulting will gather a custom team of exceptional and experienced collaborators who will be selected to best fit your organizational needs. Every task is an important one when managing change, a2z consulting and its collaborator team is there to help you strategically connect all the dots! We believe the team you work with is key to successful change process for your company, school district, school or organization.

Who will work with you?

a2z strategic consulting works with a team of COLLABORATORS who range from consultants to small business owners. In agreeing to work for a2z strategic consulting, our collaborators embody the values of customized quality customer service, from a2z and are trained and provided with a bank of tools to choose from in order to guide your organization through the development and innovative implementation of your strategic plan, unique to you.
Each of our team collaborators are leaders in their areas, from change management, strategic planning, instructional design, development, management leadership, coaching, etc. We use a stringent process to select our collaborators to ensure they can offer quality service the a2z way.



Stephanie Vucko, CEO

web_image_collaborator_stephanie_vucko_bwStephanie Vucko is the creative CEO behind the development of a niche firm: a2z strategic consulting who believes in a customized customer service approach when managing change in any organization. Stephanie is sought out by many sectors due to her a2z approach, of ensuring that all elements are strategically aligned and connected, pointing to the next steps of success for an organization. Every task is an important one when managing change, a2z consulting is there to help you strategically connect all the dots! After all, success is so much more than a paper strategic plan, it is the people in your organization leading and implementing the vision!

Stephanie has worked in the private and public sectors for over 21 years. Competencies and experience in the areas of creative visioning, organizational alignment, as well as innovative strategic and operational planning have made her a sought-after resource at both the local and international scale. A diverse range of projects stemming from the public school boards, provincial Ministry of Education, innovative work with provincial resource developers, advisement with international businesses and international work in Africa and Asia all contribute to her unique approaches to guiding organizations to think beyond their traditional boundaries. Stephanie provides expertise and advice throughout project initiative, guiding the a2z strategic team of exceptional consultants to work with clients, identifying insights leading to innovate practices, synthesizing experiences into novel strategies.

Recently, years of experience were transformed into a niche company, a2z strategic consulting, specializing in strategic planning and implementation support in the first year of a strategic plan, where we help organizations’ leaders and staff navigate the change process, connecting the dots from a to z! a2z consulting engages the best experts in the industry when building a project team to work with you.
Stephanie holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology (Human Performance Technology), a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Education. A published author and recipient of the award of Distinguished Achievement for innovative rebranding of a school district from the National School Public Relations Association.

Lucie Pineau

Lucie has worked in the private and public sectors for over 20 years. Her significant knowledge and experience with strategic and operational planning, organizational reviews and workshop facilitations, along with her keen sense of innovation have served her well as she successfully delivered numerous challenging projects and portfolios by various levels of government, community associations and school boards all across Canada. In her roles with a2z strategic consulting, Lucie provides guidance and support with the facilitation of the strategic planning process. She meets with the lead contacts on a project and will ensure that resources are made available and that the project is implemented within agreed time, cost and performance parameters.

Lucie holds a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Philosophy in Ethics and Political Sciences, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She is also a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Facilitator, Certified Associate in Project Management, Certified Coach, Certified Internal Auditor.


Dr. Marian Lothian

web_image_collaborator_marian_lothianMarian is a proven contributor, innovator and leader in the educational and social services sectors. Strategic planning, successful implementation and long-term sustainability are deeply embedded in her practices. Her provincial experiences in the province of Quebec include creation of advisory bodies and their practices to ensure stakeholder input in local and provincial policy development. In her roles with a2z strategic consulting, Marian works with our clients to lead and manage change, brining experiences in leading organizations in Canada, the United States, as well as to England. Marian focuses on tracking success throughout the project by identifying and using data sources and triangulating this information to determine if pre-determined benchmarks are being met in a timely fashion as the members move forward to achieve set goals. As an experienced change agent, she knows both support and professional development in the early stages of implementation, which she will provide in consultation and partnership with the organizations. She will work with your organization to reach pre-determined sustainable targets and goals as long-term outcomes are dependent on sustainability. As required Marian will assist your leaders to manage sustainable change within the organization in order for them to achieve full autonomy in managing the organization’s on-going growth and ensuring the succession of the vision being set in place.

Marian has served on several boards of directors ranging in size from small non-profit organizations serving day care centres, recent immigrants, and local community groups to large publicly funded agencies serving as Chair of the Ottawa Board of Education and as a Board Director for the Ottawa Children’s Aide Society. Marian has been a member on both federal and provincial task forces studying employment opportunities for youth and immigrants.

PhD in Administration, Masters in Education, Teaching Diploma.

Manon Arcand

web_image_collaborator_web_manon_arcand_bwManon has been providing business management and advisory services with the public sector, private sector and with non-for-profits, with services primarily ranging in strategic and business planning, organizational reviews, workshop facilitation and project management. Approaching her work with an innovative and creative mindset, she works with our clients to align strategic priorities and optimize performance. In her roles with a2z strategic consulting, Manon conducts research and analysis, identifying best practices and benchmarking, and facilitating workshops, she provides a comprehensive platform to work with organizations in finding innovative solutions and developing ambitious, yet realistic plans.
Manon completed her Honours Bachelor of Commerce in International Management at the Telfer School of Management, and holds a Master’s Certificate in Global Management from Grenoble École de Management. She is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) pursuing her Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

Sylwia Bielec

web_image_collaborator_sylwia_bielec_bwSylwia is a lead instructional designer who has worked in the field of Human Performance Technology for over 20 years. She specializes in innovative technologies across industries, competency-based curriculum design, reflective practice models of professional development as well as informal and community learning. She has worked mainly on projects involving significant innovations in educational practices in various learning contexts. Sylwia takes a systems perspective in her approach to interventions and her gift is making complex and abstract ideas accessible and applied. She brings out the best in groups through her facilitation skills.

Working with a2z strategic consulting Sylwia will help your teams put the strategic plan into action. Developing systems, supports and tools to ensure successful changes you have targeted. Sylwia will guide your team to innovate and look at solutions they had not likely considered, completing your organization’s offerings with a unique and competitive edge. Her expertise lies in identifying your need and guiding you to develop customized and unique solutions to meet those needs.

Sylwia holds a Masters degree in Educational Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and English Literature. In her spare time, she is the Artistic Director of Cats Corner Dance Productions.

Graeme McDonald

web_image_collaborator_graeme_mcdonaldGraeme is a senior graphic design and multimedia specialist with an innovative, solutions-driven vision and a detail-oriented approach to project development. With over thirty years of experience in the creative industry, he has provided a broad range of visually compelling designs tailored to each client’s unique needs. Graeme has worked in the fields of advertising and marketing, continuing health education, instructional design and broadcast media.

Graeme is proficient in industry-leading design development software and supports the a2z team and its clients by transforming ideas and works into clear, captivating visuals. His role in working with a2z strategic consulting is to bring to visual life the elements and resources of the strategic planning, implementation and innovation—customizing to match each organization’s brand, or creating a new brand as required.

Graeme approaches your organizations’ strategic planning from a global perspective, identifying the primary message, how it can be effectively communicated visually and delivering the project in a timely manner. Putting a visual to the process and your vision are critical first steps, that support on-boarding of staff and stakeholders and go well beyond a final polished strategic plan layout at the end.

Cheryl Pratt

As an entrepreweb_image_collaborator_cheryl_pratt_bwneur and intrapreneur, Cheryl has successfully run her own business and was instrumental in implementing career programs at the Ministry of Education. Her 30 year career working with, and contributing to, local, provincial and federal organizations has provided her with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of various stakeholders from education to business. Cheryl’s role with a2z strategic consulting is to guide clients towards strategic plan innovation through grant matching, project development and grant writing, project planning, community connections and partnership building and team building. An expert in the field of leadership, Cheryl will guide your staff, at all levels, to be implicated and actively involved in implementing your strategic plan.

Cheryl holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (First Class Honours) from McGill University, along with one year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree. While studying at McGill University, she was a recipient of the following awards: James Stewart McGill Award, Faculty Scholar and University Scholar. While working, she was a recipient of The Conference Board of Canada’s Partners in Education Award and a recipient of an Award of Merit for Outstanding Performance in the Service of Students from a school board.




Since 1994,  JCW Education Consulting Inc. has worked in education leadership, adult literacy, community development and the non-profit sector. In 2010, one its’ members transitioned the education focus to Leadership Coaching. JCW has a growing  certified coaching team.

Since 2010 JCW has carried out Individual and Group Coaching in the areas of leadership, capacity building, instructional, personal and professional, business, French language training, and organizational development. Knowing how busy our clients are, we offer a variety of flexible models including virtual coaching at their convenience.

Virtual Coaching conversations take place in common platforms where peoples’ time, space and topics are confidentially respected. Communication practices are collaborative yet focused and reputed by coaching clients as individual calls to action in a supportive condition.

Clients reside in rural, remote, First Nations reserves, and urban communities and are located in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland Canada and Vermont, USA.

Working with a2z strategic consulting, JCW provides guidance to organization leaders involved in change processes and their own leadership development.



Sara Heppner-Waldston

Sara’s passion for graphic facilitation comes from a lifetime of formal artistic training, highly fscreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-02-18-amocused listening and training working with groups in a multitude of industries. Using key words, graphic icons, metaphor and colour, she captures the essence of group dialogue in a highly visual format, to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their meetings. This map not only provides clarity but nurtures participation, retention, creativity and communication among participants. More importantly, graphic recording addresses the 80% of the population who are visual learners.  Sara’s approach to graphic recording is always through the lens of a visual storyteller. Her ability to capture the essence of a conversation is what makes her work so unique in the field.

Sara has enjoyed working in many group settings, from large conferences to intimate focused sessions, from non-profit, government and community to Fortune 100, small business and educational organizations. She thrives most on working with groups to help them work in their strengths, as individuals and as teams. Types of activities that benefit from graphic recording include strategic planning, brainstorming, training, focus groups, team building, analysis and mapping.  Sara speaks French fluently and has the unique ability to graphically record in both English and French.

Role with a2z strategic consulting: Sara supports the a2z team as them embark on strategic visioning with clients, often in the Capture phase, where she helps to document visually ideas, goals and organizational vision for change.

Sara’s list of clients include: a2z strategic consulting, Treasury Board of Canada, Ministry of Health of Ontario, United Nations, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Air Canada, Amnesty International, Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil, Concordia University, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Hydro Quebec, KPMG, Merck.